E-week 2020             

UNCTAD’s eCommerce Week is the leading forum for Ministers, senior government officials, CEOs and other business representatives, international organizations, development banks, academics and civil society to discuss the development opportunities and challenges associated with the digital economy.

Under the theme "Creating Value in the Digital Economy", some of these underlying questions will be explored:

  • What is needed for developing countries to create and capture more value in the digital economy?

  • What are the rules of the game that governments need to formulate at the national and international level?

  • How to make women digital entrepreneurs a force of wealth creation?

Highlights of the Week will include:

A High-level Dialogue dedicated to the theme of the Week

 The fourth session of the Intergovernmental Group of Experts (IGE) on E-Commerce and the Digital Economy (29 April- 1 May 2020), entitled: ‘Digital platforms and value creation in developing countries: Implications for national and international policies’

  Thematic sessions organized by the eTrade for all partners



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04 April 2019Network to connect women e-commerce leaders launched
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 Connecting the dots in eCommerce




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