unctad.org | Understanding into Action: E-commerce Skills Development for Africa’s Entrepreneurs
Understanding into Action: E-commerce Skills Development for Africa’s Entrepreneurs
18 April 2018
15:00 - 16:30, Room XXV
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

Micro, small and medium sized enterprises are to job creation and inclusive growth in Africa. They create well over half of Africa’s employment, fueling demand for new goods and services. In brief, Africa’s entrepreneurs.
E-commerce is the entry door for Africa’s entrepreneurs to global markets and to earning higher margins by serving professional buyers and consumer markets directly, without the need to pass through costly intermediaries.

Selling products and services to customers globally through digital channels requires more than an internet connection and access to technology. Without the necessary business skills, including those in traditional domains such as marketing, finance and logistics entrepreneurs are unlikely to find success in highly competitive e-commerce marketplaces. We review lessons learned from working with small businesses in Africa and beyond, innovative mechanisms to deploy training, and what this could mean to accelerate e-commerce entrepreneurialism.

Introductions and facilitation: Mr. Rob Skidmore, Chief, Sector and Enterprise Competitiveness, ITC

Ms. Sarah Carroll, Author of Grow Fast, Grow GlobalSarah Carroll, Author of Grow Fast, Grow Global
Mr. Oulimata Fall, Office of the ED, ITC, on secondment from Asépex Senegal
Mr. Dylan Piatti, Africa C&IP Senior Chief of Staff, Deloitte and Chair of the E-Commerce Forum Africa   
Mr. Aape Pohjavirta, Founder, Funzi

Co-organized with:International Trade Centre (ITC)

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