unctad.org | Africa and the E-commerce Potential
Africa and the E-commerce Potential
19 April 2018
13:15 - 14:45, Room XXVI
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

In the context of Industry 4.0 (the digital age), increased connectivity of a young growing African population (with mobile penetration rates of more than 90%) - technological innovations are driving digital disruption and impacting the traditional relationship dynamics between producers-sellers-consumers. E-commerce opportunities are opening up multisector access to new markets, new consumers and new products, with e-commerce sales in Africa expected to “reach between US$50bn and US$75 billion per year within the next five-to-ten years”, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (August 2017). 

What does the sustainable growth and development of Africa’s intra and extra continental trade look like in the context of digital transformation in Africa, and how is e-commerce changing this dynamic as a tool for cross-border and international inbound and outbound trade?

What are the primary challenges and opportunities impacting the sustainable development of e-commerce in Africa?

What is required from both the private and public sectors given this opportunity to drive social and economic development through increased digital trade? 

This session will include dynamic presentations and a panel from African E-commerce experts led by the Chairman of the Board of the E-commerce Forum Africa, and Deloitte Africa representative, Dylan Piatti.

Moderator: Mr. Dylan Piatti, Deloitte Africa Consumer & Retail Chief of Staff; Chairman of the Board: Ecommerce Forum Africa


Ms. Elsie Kanza, Head of Africa, World Economic Forum
Mr. Leonard Stiegeler, General Manager, Ringier Africa
Mr. Chris Folayan, Founder Mall for Africa, and Mall for the World
Mr. Alastair Tempest, CEO, Ecommerce Forum Africa

Co-organized with:E-commerce Forum Africa

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