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E-commerce – a Tool for a Connected Economy
18 April 2018
16:30 - 18:00, Room XXVI
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

eCommerce not only enables sellers and buyers to be more visible and accessible to each other, both locally and globally, but it is also a tool for growth, inclusion and connectivity in the modern economy. Whether this is helping small businesses ‘go global’, empowering women, offering consumers located in even the most remote regions an assortment of goods and services at the click of button, e-commerce is the retail selling channel connecting people and businesses in the cross-border context.

For this panel session, hosted by the European eCommerce & Omni-Channel Trade Association (EMOTA), speakers will discuss from their unique perspective how e-commerce and the different market solutions available have helped connect businesses regionally, at the European and international level, as well as challenges that need to be tackled to move to a truly ‘connected global economy’.

Mr. Maurits Bruggink, Secretary General, European eCommerce & Omni-Channel Trade Association 

Mr. Florinel Chis, Executive Director, Romanian Association of Online Stores
Mr. James Sibley, EU Policy & Public Affairs Advisor, Federation of Small Businesses
Ms. Anna Kaempfer, Digital Commerce Developer, Post CH AG
Mr. Matthias Fröhlicher, Director Ecommerce, Projects & Operations, KOALA.CH & Chaussures Aeschbach SA

Co-organized with:European eCommerce and Omni-Channel Trade Association (EMOTA)

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