H.E. Ms. Amani Abou-Zeid
H.E. Ms. Amani Abou-Zeid
Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy, African Union Commission

Mr. Jorij Abraham
Mr. Jorij Abraham
General Manager at the Ecommerce Foundation

Mr. Dinesh Agarwal
Mr. Dinesh Agarwal
Co-founder, IndiaMART

Mr. Brijesh Agrawal
Mr. Brijesh Agrawal
Co-founder, IndiaMART

H.E. Mr. M. Shameem Ahsan
H.E. Mr. M. Shameem Ahsan
Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Bangladesh

Mr. Paul Akiwumi
Mr. Paul Akiwumi
Director, Division for Africa, LDCs and Special Programme, UNCTAD

Mr. Jorge Alvarado
Mr. Jorge Alvarado
blockchain architect, Enterprise Services Division, Swisscom Blockchain AG.

H.E. Mr.  Farukh Amil
H.E. Mr.  Farukh Amil
Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations Office and other international organization in Geneva

Ms. Nina Angelovska
Ms. Nina Angelovska
President and General Director, Macedonian E-Commerce Association

Mr. Jorge Arbache
Mr. Jorge Arbache
Government of Brazil

Mr. Sohaib Arshad
Mr. Sohaib Arshad
Head of Corporate Responsibility, VEON

Ms. Mina Aryal
Ms. Mina Aryal
Deputy Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Nepal to the WTO

Mr. Roberto Azevêdo
Mr. Roberto Azevêdo
Director-General, World Trade Organization

Ms. Cécile Barayre
Ms. Cécile Barayre
Economic Affairs Officer, ICT Analysis Section, UNCTAD

Dr. Alexandre Barbosa
Dr. Alexandre Barbosa
Head, Center of Studies for Information and Communications Technologies

Ms. Wafa Ben-Hassine
Ms. Wafa Ben-Hassine
Policy Counsel, MENA, Access Now

Ms. Janine Berg
Ms. Janine Berg
Senior Economist, ILO

Ms. Eleonore Blanc
Ms. Eleonore Blanc
Communications Manager, BlockchainTalks

Ms. Kimberley Botwright
Ms. Kimberley Botwright
Policy Analyst, International Trade & Investment and Global Leadership Fellow at the World Economic Forum

Mr. Maurits Bruggink
Mr. Maurits Bruggink
Secretary General, European eCommerce & Omni-Channel Trade Association

Ms. Helen Burrows
Ms. Helen Burrows
Co-Founder slavefreetrade

Ms. Ruth Bysshe
Ms. Ruth Bysshe
Senior European and International Public Sector Advisor, ‎Euromonitor International

Mr. Enrico Camerinelli
Mr. Enrico Camerinelli
Senior Analyst, Aite Group, Italy

Mr. Steven Capell
Mr. Steven Capell
CEO, GoSource Australia

Ms. Sarah Carroll
Ms. Sarah Carroll
Author of Grow Fast, Grow Global

Mr. Luca Cassetti
Mr. Luca Cassetti
Director of EU Public Affairs, Ecommerce Europe

H.E. Mr. Alvaro Cedeño Molinari
H.E. Mr. Alvaro Cedeño Molinari
Permanent Mission of Costa Rica to the World Trade Organization

Ms. Bridget Chalira-Kauma
Ms. Bridget Chalira-Kauma
Government of Malawi

Mr. Ouyang Cheng
Mr. Ouyang Cheng
Executive Senior Advisor, AliResearch

Mr. Florinel Chis
Mr. Florinel Chis
Director, ARMO Romanian E-Commerce Association

Mr. Jake Colvin
Mr. Jake Colvin
Executive Director, Global Innovation Forum

Ms. Virginia Cram-Martos
Ms. Virginia Cram-Martos
CEO, Triangularity, UN/CEFACT Domain Coordinator for Trade Procedures

Mr. Daniel Crosby
Mr. Daniel Crosby
Partner, King & Spalding

Ms. Ibrahima Diagne
Ms. Ibrahima Diagne
Chair African Performance Institute

Mr. Matias Fernandez Diaz
Mr. Matias Fernandez Diaz
Mercado Libre

Ms. Lorena Diaz Quijano
Ms. Lorena Diaz Quijano
Co-Founder, Puntotalent and Managing Director of the Argentine E-commerce Chamber (CACE)

Mr. Hans Peter Dittler
Mr. Hans Peter Dittler
Internet Society

Mr. Victor do Prado
Mr. Victor do Prado
Counsellor, Rules Division, World Trade Organization (WTO), Geneva

Dr. Jonathan Doerr
Dr. Jonathan Doerr
CEO of Daraz

Mr. Sean Doherty
Mr. Sean Doherty
Head of International Trade and Investment System Initiative, World Economic Forum

Ms. Isabelle Durant
Ms. Isabelle Durant
Deputy Secretary-General, UNCTAD

Mr. Yasser El Kady
Mr. Yasser El Kady
Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Egypt

Ms. Sahra English
Ms. Sahra English

Ms. Belinda Exelby
Ms. Belinda Exelby
Head of International Relations, GSMA

Mr. Marcelo Fernandez
Mr. Marcelo Fernandez
General Business Confederation of the Argentine Republic (CGERA)

Mr. Michael Ferrantino
Mr. Michael Ferrantino
Lead Economist, Macroeconomics, Trade and Investment Global Practice, World Bank Group

Mr. Torbjörn Fredriksson
Mr. Torbjörn Fredriksson
Chief, ICT Policy Section, Division on Technology and Logistics, UNCTAD

Mr. Matthias Fröhlicher
Mr. Matthias Fröhlicher
Director Ecommerce, Projects & Operations, KOALA.CH & Chaussures Aeschbach SA

Ms. Mariya Gabriel
Ms. Mariya Gabriel
Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society

Ms. Rupa Ganguli
Ms. Rupa Ganguli
Founder and CEO, Inclusive Trade Ltd

Mr. Alexander Gansel
Mr. Alexander Gansel
CEO/Co-Founder, DutyPay Gmbh

Mr. Mark Graham
Mr. Mark Graham
Professor, the Oxford Internet Institute

Mr. Vinay Gupta
Mr. Vinay Gupta
Founder, Mattereum

Mr. Carl Hallergard
Mr. Carl Hallergard
Deputy Head of Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations

Ms. Lorraine Higgins
Ms. Lorraine Higgins
Deputy CEO, Retail Excellence

Ms. Ivonne  Higuero
Ms. Ivonne  Higuero
Director, Economic Cooperation and Trade Division, UNECE

Mr. Richard Hill
Mr. Richard Hill
Association for Proper Internet Governance

Mr. Jan Hoffman
Mr. Jan Hoffman
Chief Trade Logistics Branch, UNCTAD

H.E. Mr. U Aung Htoo
H.E. Mr. U Aung Htoo
Deputy Minister, Minister for Commerce, Myanmar

H.E. Mr. Junichi Ihara
H.E. Mr. Junichi Ihara
Permanent Representative of Japan to the International Organizations in Geneva and Chair of the WTO General Council

Ms. Marion Jansen
Ms. Marion Jansen
ITC Chief Economist

Dr. Li Jianhua
Dr. Li Jianhua
Chief Development Officer, Didi Chuxing

Ms. Omobola Johnson
Ms. Omobola Johnson
Senior Partner, TLcom Capital

Ms. Seema  Joshi
Ms. Seema  Joshi
Head Business and Human Rights, Amnesty International

Ms. Anna Kaempfer
Ms. Anna Kaempfer
Digital Commerce Developer, Post CH

Mr. Syed Md  Kamal
Mr. Syed Md  Kamal
Regional Head for South East Asia, Master Card

Mr. Cisse Kane
Mr. Cisse Kane
President, African Civil Society on the Information Society (ACSIS)

Mr. Heehoon Kang
Mr. Heehoon Kang
First Secretary, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in United Kingdom

Ms. Jane Kelsey
Ms. Jane Kelsey
Professor of Law, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Mr. Saifullah Khan
Mr. Saifullah Khan
Managing Partner, S.U. Khan Associates Corporate & Legal Consultants, Pakistan

Mr. Boris Kim
Mr. Boris Kim
Chairman of the Board of Directors of QIWI Group and Executive Director of FinTech Association

Mr. Kibyoung Kim
Mr. Kibyoung Kim
Director of the Global e-Government Division, Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Republic of Korea

Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi
Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi
Secretary-General, UNCTAD

Ms. Katrina Kosa-Ammari
Ms. Katrina Kosa-Ammari
Government of Latvia

Mr. Noah Patrick Kouback
Mr. Noah Patrick Kouback
CDA a.i., Permanent Mission of the Republic of Vanuatu

Mr. Jakob Kucharczyk
Mr. Jakob Kucharczyk
Vice President, Competition & EU Regulatory Policy, Computer & Communications Industry Association

Mr. Tilmann Kupfer
Mr. Tilmann Kupfer
Vice President, Trade and International Affairs, BT Group PLC

H.E. Ms. Amelia Kyambadde
H.E. Ms. Amelia Kyambadde
Minister of Trade, Industry and Co-operatives, Uganda

Mr. Simon Lacey
Mr. Simon Lacey
VP of Global Government Affairs, Huawei

H.E. Mr. Eloi Laourou
H.E. Mr. Eloi Laourou
Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Benin

Mr. Keunhoo Lee
Mr. Keunhoo Lee
Director of the information Planning Division, Korea Customs Service

Mr. Wolfgang Lehmacher
Mr. Wolfgang Lehmacher
Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industry, World Economic Forum Geneva

Ms. Sara Lone
Ms. Sara Lone
Research Coordinator at the Ecommerce Foundation

Ms. Amanda Long
Ms. Amanda Long
Director General, Consumers International

Mr. Francois Martins
Mr. Francois Martins
Manager for Government Relations and Public Policy Mercado Libre

Mr. Fernand Matendo
Mr. Fernand Matendo
Founder, Burundi Shop

Mr. Gerry Mattios
Mr. Gerry Mattios
Expert Vice President, Bain & Company

Ms. Mary Mayenfisch-Tobin
Ms. Mary Mayenfisch-Tobin
Business & Human Rights Advisor

Ms. Annegret Mayer
Ms. Annegret Mayer
Ecommerce Europe Trustmark Coordinator

Ms. Khoudia Mbaye
Ms. Khoudia Mbaye
Ministre de la Promotion des Investissements, des Partenariats et du Développement des Téléservices de l'Etat, Senegal

Ms. Hanne Melin
Ms. Hanne Melin
Director, Global Public Policy and Head, Public Policy Lab, Europe, Middle East and Africa, eBay Inc.

Mr. U Minn Minn
Mr. U Minn Minn
Deputy Director-General, Department of Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Myanmar

Ms. Zainab  Mohammed
Ms. Zainab  Mohammed
Women's Wing, National Association of Nigerian Traders (NANTS), Nigeria

Ms. Teresa Moreira
Ms. Teresa Moreira
Head of Competition and Consumer Policies Branch, UNCTAD

Mr. Fang Nan
Mr. Fang Nan
Director General, Mobile Internet Bureau, Cyberspace Administration of China

Ms. Anna Nesterova
Ms. Anna Nesterova
Founder and Chairperson of the Board of Global Rus Trade

Ms. Nora Neufeld
Ms. Nora Neufeld
Counsellor, Division on Market Access, World Trade Organization

Ms. Jessica Nicholson
Ms. Jessica Nicholson
Senior Economist, Bureau of Economic Analysis, United States

Dr. Nicholas Niggli
Dr. Nicholas Niggli
Director General, Republic and State of Geneva

Ms. Jana Petkanic
Ms. Jana Petkanic

Mr. Gabriel Petrus
Mr. Gabriel Petrus
ITTI Executive Director

Mr. Dylan Piatti
Mr. Dylan Piatti
Chairman of the Board, Ecommerce Forum Africa, Senior Chief of Staff, Deloitte Africa

Ms. Claire Pillsbury
Ms. Claire Pillsbury
Deputy Director, Global Innovation Forum

Mr. Steven Pope
Mr. Steven Pope
Vice President, Customs & Regulatory Affairs, Deutsche Post DHL Group

Mr. Shishir Priyadarshi
Mr. Shishir Priyadarshi
Director, Development Division, WTO

Ms. Maria Ptashkina
Ms. Maria Ptashkina
Bridges Graduate Fellow for International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development

Dr. Roxana Radu
Dr. Roxana Radu
Geneva Internet Platform Manager, Internet Governance Associate at Diplo Foundation

Ms. Emilie  Raffo
Ms. Emilie  Raffo
Business Manager, Torus Solutions

H.E. Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan
H.E. Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan
Minister of State of Information Technology and Telecommunication, Pakistan

Ms. Sanya Reid Smith
Ms. Sanya Reid Smith
Legal Advisor and Senior Researcher, Third World Network

Mr. Alan Rhode
Mr. Alan Rhode
CEO, Taxmen

Dr. Amitava Saha
Dr. Amitava Saha
Director in-charge of Services Trade Statistics Division, Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics, Ministry of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, India

Mr. Nasser Saleh
Mr. Nasser Saleh
CEO & Founder, MadfooatCom

Mr. David Satola
Mr. David Satola
Lead Counsel, World Bank

Mr. Pierre Sauve
Mr. Pierre Sauve
Senior Trade Specialist, Macroeconomics, Trade and Investment Global Practice, World Bank Group

Ms. Sofia Scasserra
Ms. Sofia Scasserra
Principal Assistant in Economic and International Trade Issues, UNI Americas, Argentina

H.E. Dr. Syed Tauqir Shah
H.E. Dr. Syed Tauqir Shah
Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the WTO

Ms. Helen Shapiro
Ms. Helen Shapiro
GDPR & Emerging Technologies Expert

H.E. Ms. Abigail Shonhiwa
H.E. Ms. Abigail Shonhiwa
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development, Zimbabwe

Mr. James Sibley
Mr. James Sibley
EU Policy & Public Affairs Advisor, Federation of Small Businesses

Ms. Shamika Sirimanne
Ms. Shamika Sirimanne
Director, Division on Technology and Logistics, UNCTAD

Mr. Rob Skidmore
Mr. Rob Skidmore
Chief, Sector and Enterprise Competitiveness, ITC

Mr. Mostafizur Rahaman Sohel
Mr. Mostafizur Rahaman Sohel
Convener of BASIS E-commerce Alliance of Bangladesh

Eng.  Hani Salem Sonbol
Eng.  Hani Salem Sonbol
Chief Executive Officer, International Islamic trade Finance Corporation

H.E. Mr. Pan Sorasak
H.E. Mr. Pan Sorasak
Minister of Commerce, Cambodia

Mr. Daniel Spoiala
Mr. Daniel Spoiala
Policy Officer, Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, European Commission

Mr. Nick Srnicek
Mr. Nick Srnicek
Lecturer in Digital Economy in the Department of Digital Humanities, Kings College, London

Mr. Leonard Stiegeler
Mr. Leonard Stiegeler
General Manager, Ringier Africa

Mr. Igor Subow
Mr. Igor Subow
Chairman Russian Distance Selling Association (NAMO)

Dr. Arun Sundararajan
Dr. Arun Sundararajan
Professor, New York University’s (NYU) Stern School of Business

Ms. Kati Suominen
Ms. Kati Suominen
Founder and CEO, Nextrade Group

Mr. Martin Svoboda
Mr. Martin Svoboda
Project manager, APEK

H.E. Mr.  Tan Yee Woan
H.E. Mr.  Tan Yee Woan
Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Singapore to the WTO, and WIPO

H.E. Mr. Wilson Tarpeh
H.E. Mr. Wilson Tarpeh
Minister for Commerce and Industry,Liberia

Mr. Teppo Tauriainen
Mr. Teppo Tauriainen
Head of Department Americas, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden

Mr. Alastair Tempest
Mr. Alastair Tempest
CEO, Ecommerce Forum Africa

Mr. Sonam Tenzin
Mr. Sonam Tenzin
Director, Department of Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Bhutan

Ms. Elizabeth Thomas-Raynaud
Ms. Elizabeth Thomas-Raynaud
Director, BASIS and Senior Policy Executive, Digital Economy at ICC

Mr. Muhammad Abdul Wahed Tomal
Mr. Muhammad Abdul Wahed Tomal
General Secretary, E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh e-CAB

Mr. Rigoberto Torres Mora
Mr. Rigoberto Torres Mora
Chief of International Accounts, Macroeconomic Statistics Department, Central Bank of Costa Rica

Mr. Mohammad Sahab Uddin
Mr. Mohammad Sahab Uddin
Director Bangladesh Ecommerce Association

H.E. Mr. Tudor Ulianovschi
H.E. Mr. Tudor Ulianovschi
Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Republic of Moldova

Mr. Diego Molano Vega
Mr. Diego Molano Vega
Innovando LLC

Ms. Alice Pinha Wakai
Ms. Alice Pinha Wakai
Editor, E-Commerce Brasil

Mr. Alex  Wong
Mr. Alex  Wong
Head, Global Challenge Partnerships & Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum

Mr. Brian Wong
Mr. Brian Wong
Vice-President, Global Initiatives, Alibaba Group

Mr. Jamie Woodcock
Mr. Jamie Woodcock
Researcher, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Mr. Christopher Wray
Mr. Christopher Wray
Chief Legal Officer, Mattereum

Dr. Lan Xue
Dr. Lan Xue
Chair Professor, Tsinghua University

Mr. Changle Yang
Mr. Changle Yang
COO, Tujia Network

Dr. Weiguo Yang
Dr. Weiguo Yang
Professor, Renmin University of China

H.E. Mr. Jianhua Yu
H.E. Mr. Jianhua Yu
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, People's Republic of China

Ms. Aviva Zhang
Ms. Aviva Zhang
Trade Facilitation and Market Access Issue Management, Global Government Affairs Dept., Huawei

Ms. Yi Zhang
Ms. Yi Zhang
Deputy Secretary General of CCOIC

UNCTAD E-commerce Week 2018 

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