Frequently asked questions
  1. What is the relation between GSF-Beijing Summit and CIFTIS (Beijing Services Fair)?

    The Global Services Forum (GSF) is an UNCTAD event. The Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and the People's Government of Beijing Municipality are coorganizers for this year's GSF. There will be a joint opening ceremony for the GSF and CIFTIS, since both events commence on the same date (28th May).

  2. Which countries are invited to the GSF-Beijing Summit?

    Invitations to the GSF have been sent to all UN Member States through their Missions in Geneva.

  3. Who will be the speakers at the GSF-Beijing Summit?

    The panels of both Forum Summits will be formed by Ministers, heads of international organizations, leaders of the private sector, as well as renowned academics. Panels for the four high-level sessions will include all the above, together with renowned services experts on the different topics for the sessions.

  4. Who will be the participants to the GSF-Beijing Summit?

    The participants to the GSF-Beijing Summit will be from Governments (including Ministers and senior policy makers), regulatory bodies of services sectors, the private sector, coalitions/associations of services industries, international organizations, UN regional commissions, regional groupings, academics and civil society engaged in the promotion of services, trade and development.

  5. Will UNCTAD provide financing for participants?

    Regrettably, UNCTAD does not have funds to finance any participants. We hope interested participants will find a solution and be able to participate in the Forum, as this it provides an inclusive and unique opportunity to conduct open discussions on various issues related to services, trade and development.

  6. Is registration required?

    All participants to the GSF are required to register. Please complete the On-line Registration Form.

    Please note that Global Services Forum participants have access to CIFTIS events and exhibitions. CIFTIS participants who wish to attend the Global Services Forum need to register separately for the GSF.

  7. What about Visas?

    Participants should apply for their entry visa to China at the Chinese Embassy in their respective countries. An invitation from UNCTAD is required to apply for the visa. Should an invitation be required, kindly let us know via Telephone: +41 22 917 5701 or E-mail:

  8. Where will the Forum take place?

    The Forum will take place in the China National Convention Center. For further information on the venue, transport and hotels, the GSF website offers a direct link to the location of this information within the CIFTIS webpage.

  9. Will there be designated hotels in Beijing for participants to the GSF-Beijing Summit?

    There are designated hotels that will offer preferential rates to participants to the Forum.

  10. Will there be transport services between the designated hotels and the China National Convention Center?

    The distance between the designated hotels and the China National Convention Center is short and it takes less than 10 minutes to walk.

  11. Will there be welcome desk in the airport?

    There will be a welcome desk for GSF and CIFTIS participants at your arrival at the Beijing Airport. It will be located inside the Airport, after the customs desk.

  12. Will there be transport services between the airport and the designated hotels?

    This service requires reservation in advance with the hotel.

  13. What's the scale of the Forum?

    800-1000 participants are expected to attend the Forum Summits. 300 participants are expected to attend each of the High-Level Sessions.

  14. Where can I find information on Panelists and the issues that will they be addressing?

    For further information on each respective session, please see the Programme and click on the title of the Session.

  15. Voltage and electric appliances.

    Travelers with computers and other appliances are advised to carry a plug adapter kit.  

    The photo on the right shows an electrical socket in China.