How to Engage in the Public Symposium Debate

In order to facilitate an effective and constructive exchange of ideas and allow a maximum number of people to take the floor, participants are requested to please make use of the following guidelines to engage in the symposium debate.


 Guidelines for all participants

  • The moderator will ask the questions and allocate time to panelists and discussants.

  • Participants are invited to focus their interventions on the guiding questions provided in advance for each plenary session.

  • Participants should respect the indicated time limits. Each intervention should not exceed five minutes.

  • Reactions from discussants must not exceed three minutes.

  • Interventions should highlight controversial issues, best practices and insights, as well as challenges and ways to overcome them.

  • Participants should refrain from discussing their organization's achievements, unless it adds information that strengthens and sharpens an idea being discussed.

  • Interventions should reflect the unique expertise or experience participants bring to the table.

  • Participants should make the most of the time by not repeating what someone else has already said.

  • Participants should not read written and/or prepared statements during the interactive debate.

  • Be aware that time allocation will depend on time availability and the moderators will have control over time management.

All written or prepared statements can be submitted to the UNCTAD secretariat in advance. The documentation, material and prepared speeches provided will be made available as background information for all participants.

We very much look forward to your active participation in the Public Symposium debate.


 Questions to be addressed

Wednesday 18 June 2014 - PLENARY SESSION I: Macroeconomic dimensions of inequality
| English |
Thursday 19 June 2014 - PLENARY SESSION II: From best policy practices to global transformation
| English |
Thursday 19 June 2014 - PANEL: Equality and sustainable development - "Delivering with impact"
| English |
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