Issues to be addressed

Making the most of the unique settings and characteristics of the GSF the following issues will be discussed throughout the different sessions:

  1. Services in National Development Agenda:

    • Services and Employment
    • Services and Gender and Youth
    • Services for Sustainable Development
    • Services and linkages with other economic sectors (agriculture, manufacturing and mining)
    • Services, technology and innovation
    • Services to overcome the "resource curse", "land-lockedness" and other specific development challenges


  2. Services Regulation, Trade Policies and Business Supporting Environment

  3. Productive and Export Capacity in the Services Sector

  4. Services and Value Addition:

    • Measuring services
    • Global value chains


  5. Links with post-2015

All issues will be addressed by experts and/or practitioners in the respective fields during at least one of the programmed sessions. We envisage UNCTAD interdivisional participation/collaboration on several issues and cooperation with international and regional organizations.