The Public Symposium is UNCTAD's annual outreach event where government officials, civil society representatives, academics, the private sector and other stakeholders come together to engage in open and interactive dialogue on critical issues in development.

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of UNCTAD, the 2014 Public Symposium will explore how widening inequality poses a challenge to sustainable development - an issue that was raised as far back as 1964, when UNCTAD member States spoke of persistent "extremes of wealth and poverty" as a major risk to development and peace.



09 July 2014Delivering Equality and Sustainable Development
09 July 2014New opportunities for UNCTAD in the post-2015 development agenda
04 July 2014Political will needed to tackle inequality
01 July 2014Briefing for civil society on responsible investment and capital markets
19 June 2014Social protection and fiscal reform needed to tackle inequality, UNCTAD Public Symposium hears
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