Theme: A Better World Economic Order for Equality and Sustainable Development Post-2015
On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of UNCTAD, the 2014 Public Symposium will explore how widening inequality poses a challenge to sustainable development. In 1964, member States participating in the first UNCTAD conference identified a range of challenges and risks to peace and development that are still relevant today, including growing inequality.
  1. Macroeconomic dimensions of inequality

    This segment will look at why inequality between and within nations is growing, how growing inequalities contributed to the accumulation of global imbalances and the eruption of the 2008 financial crisis, and why measures taken to tackle the crisis have worsened inequalities. It will also discuss which reforms would lead to more sustainable and equitable forms of development.

  2. From best policy practices to global transformation

    This segment will explore the policy measures that different countries and regions have adopted to tackle the problems associated with growing inequality. Can partnerships between different stakeholders help to replicate and scale up these best practices? Are there undue constraints on the policy space of countries to implement such measures?