unctad.org | COP23 Side Event: Economic diversification, just transition of workforce and global value chain in context of sustainable development
COP23 Side Event: Economic diversification, just transition of workforce and global value chain in context of sustainable development
16 November 2017
Meeting Room 4
Bonn, Germany

Key Issues

During the high-level segment of COP 23, UNCTAD delegation, led by Deputy Secretary General, held a series of bilateral meetings, including with the Chair of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation, as special envoy of the Polish presidency for COP 24, and the coordinator of G-77 on response measures. UNCTAD, in cooperation with the UNFCCC and as part of the official COP 23 programme, also organized a special event, entitled: Economic Diversification, Just Transition of Work Force and Value Chains in the Context of Sustainable Development.

UNCTAD's activities relating to SDG 13 seek (i) to strengthen the capacity of beneficiary countries to address response measures in the context of sustainable development and as a form of international cooperation, and (ii) to explore the role of trade in implementing Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and in leveraging the various co-benefits, including economic and social outcomes.

Analytical work has brought into focus (i) the role of value chains in the interface between response measures and trade, and (ii) trade-related measures in countries' NDCs.

A working paper, a study and a compendium produced under this stream of work served as a background documentation for an ad hoc expert group meeting, entitled: Implementing Paris Agreement: Response Measures, Economic Diversification and Trade, held in October 2017. The meeting brought together some of the key actors in the UNFCCC Forum on Response Measures and the three Geneva-based trade agencies - UNCTAD, WTO and ITC, with UNCTAD playing a coordinating role. Following the meeting, UNCTAD organized informal consultations among the agencies concerned.

During the 11th Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires in December 2017, UNCTAD, in cooperation with the Commonwealth Secretariat, held a special event on climate change and trade.



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