unctad.org | UNCTAD hosts a seminar on unfair business practices for consumers in Bogotá
UNCTAD hosts a seminar on unfair business practices for consumers in Bogotá
29 May 2018
Externado University
Bogota, Colombia

Key Issues

​UNCTAD’s COMPAL programme provides capacity building and technical cooperation on competition and consumer protection to seventeen Latin America countries with the support of SECO-Switzerland since 2003. COMPAL is currently in its third phase of implementation from 2015 to 2018. Colombia’s Superintendence for Industry and Commerce (SIC) is the national consumer protection agency and a founding member of COMPAL, while Externado Universtiy is one of the leading national universities in Colombia regarding consumer protection research and analysis.


In the framework of COMPAL, UNCTAD is partnering SIC and Externado University to organize a one-day seminar to discuss the emerging unfair business practices that negatively affect Colombian consumers.
The seminar will address issues such as misleading advertising, abusive commercial practices, consumer fraud, product safety and data privacy. Lecturers will include national and international experts who will raise awareness among the academia, consumer groups and businesses about potentially detrimental business conduct and how to avoid it.


Co-organized with:UNCTAD, SIC, Externado University
Sponsor / funding:COMPAL
Arnau Izaguerri Vila
E-mail: Arnau.Izaguerri@unctad.org
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