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Regional Workshop on Promoting Cotton By-Products in Eastern and Southern Africa
28 - 30 May 2019
Johannesburg, South Africa

Key Issues

SUC_Cotton02_400x327.jpgIn partnership with Cotton SA, the cotton industry association in South Africa, UNCTAD was pleased to propose a regional workshop on cotton by-products in Johannesburg on 28-30 May 2019. The workshop is part of UNCTAD’s project on “Promoting cotton by-products in Eastern and Southern Africa”.

Holding the workshop in South Africa allowed project participants to step out of their local contexts and exchange ideas in a new setting, as well as to observe the features of cotton production in South Africa that differ from their home countries.

The workshop comprised working sessions on 28-29 May, followed by a field visit to the cotton-growing area, north of Johannesburg, on 30 May.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

a) Share lessons and experiences among project countries;
b) Identify follow-on activities necessary to sustain the work of the project;
c) Present commercial and policy initiatives developed during the project; and
d) Identify opportunities to extend and replicate the project’s work in other cotton-producing countries in Africa.



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Co-organized with:Cotton South Africa
Sponsor / funding:United Nations Development Account Project 1617K
UNCTAD Commodities Branch
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