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Project on cotton by-products – a study visit to Uganda
04 - 08 May 2020
Kampala, Uganda

Key Issues


UNCTAD will hold a study visit to the Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI) in Kampala, Uganda, on 4-8 May 2020, as part of the UN Development Account project 1617K, “Promoting cotton by-products in Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA)”.
The five-day study visit will demonstrate to participants UIRI’s programme on developing and disseminating carbonized briquetting technology in Uganda. The programme proposes simple machines and training for entrepreneurs, farmers groups and families to mount small-scale briquetting operations, to sell their products for extra income, or consume them to save on energy expenditures. UIRI will also demonstrate their related programmes on producing mushrooms and fertilizer from cotton stalks.
Participants will learn how these simple technologies and business models, which are adapted to common constraints and consumer preferences in sub-Saharan Africa, can be replicated in their countries.

Co-organized with:Cotton Development Organisation of Uganda
Sponsor / funding:United Nations Development Account Project 1617K
Contact:UNCTAD Commodities Branch
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