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African ICT week
02 - 06 December 2013
African Union Commission New Conference Center (AUCNCC)
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Key Issues

dtldir2013_ICTAfrica_300x116.gifUNCTAD's Division on Technology and Logistics will participate at the African ICT week organized by the African Union Commission.

It will make a presentation on cyberlaw harmonization in Africa, focusing on the East African Community and the ECOWAS, two regions in which UNCTAD is engaged in the reform of e-commerce legislation.

The presentation will highlight certain legal challenges raised by the expanding use of cloud computing at the occasion of the launch of the Information Economy Report 2013: The Cloud Economy and Developing Countries.

The 2013 edition of ICT Week celebrates 50 years of ICT achievements in Africa, discussing the challenges of ICT developments, Internet Governance and considering future trends and implications of ICT.
The African ICT week will draw attention to the values of ICT and specifically promote the use of ICT and outline the vision of the African Union in building a vibrant knowledge economy and information society for Africa.


Sponsor / funding:African Union Commission
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