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17th Africa Oil, Gas and Mines Trade and Finance Conference and Exhibition
23 - 26 November 2015
Khartoum, Sudan

Key Issues

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The 17th Africa Oil, Gas and Mines Conference (OILGASMINE) and Exhibition, will take place in Khartoum, Sudan, from 23 to 26 November 2015. The central theme for this year's event jointly organized by UNCTAD and the Government of Sudan in partnership with Cubic Globe Ltd is "Extractive industries and sustainable job creation".

The African continent is richly endowed with a variety mineral resources. Many of its countries are highly dependent on these resources to generate economic activity, growth and sustainable development and to reduce poverty. However efforts to create strong linkages between the extractive sector and other sectors of the economy have been challenging because of obstacles such as the paucity of technology, skills, and finance among others.

This year's theme will examine ways to strengthen the contribution of the natural resources sector to the economic and social development of resource rich countries and the African continent as a whole.

The conference will also highlight investment opportunities in the extractive sectors on the continent. In attendance will be key decision-makers from both public and private sectors in Africa's energy and mining industry, high-level experts from the extractive industries and the financial and legal sectors, academia and civil society.

The OILGASMINE conference and exhibition is also an excellent opportunity for networking.



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Mr. Rachid Amui, Economic Affairs Officer, Special Unit on Commodities, UNCTAD
T.: +41 22 917 57 86
E.: rachid.amui@unctad.org
Mr. Kamal Gubara Mohamed Salih, Ambassador, Deputy Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of the Republic of the Sudan to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva
T.: +41 22 731 26 63
F.: +41 22 716 19 70
E.: kamalgubara@yahoo.com
Mr. Colins Tchanga, Director & Partner Cubic Globe Ltd., UK
T.: +44 208 605 0509
F.: +44 208 605 0512
E.: info@cubicglobe.com
Ms. Yanchun Zhang
Chief, Commodity Policy Implementation and Outreach Section
Special Unit on Commodities
Tel. +41 22 917 57 90
E-mail: yanchun.zhang@unctad.org
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