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Redefining Sustainability in the International Agenda: Inspiring Greater Engagement in Biodiversity Issues
19 - 21 January 2010
Room XIX, Palais des Nations

Key Issues

The United Nations General Assembly declared 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity inviting governments, international organisations and other actors to bring greater international attention to the continued loss of biodiversity and to raise awareness of the repercussions for sustainable development.

This declaration acknowledges that a collaborative approach is required to redefine the meaning of sustainability and promote an end to hazardous patterns of consumption.

As frequent users and beneficiaries of biodiversity, the fashion and luxury industries have the opportunity and responsibility to become increasingly involved in its management and conservation.

Biodiversity creates the opportunity for businesses to innovate and develop by presenting a source of raw materials, technology and business opportunities. Unfortunately, the relationship is not always mutually beneficial.

The sourcing and extraction of raw materials can cause population decline and damage to the wider ecosystem. Meanwhile, the transformation processes of textiles and other product manufacturing procedures use large amounts of water and energy and can contribute to air, water and soil pollution.

This timely seminar will provide a collaborative platform to discuss the need to redefine sustainability.

Through the viewpoint of the fashion and luxury industries, businesses will gain a fresh perspective on the role that they can play in promoting and supporting biodiversity conservation through their internal operations and global supply chains, their strategic ability to shape and influence consumer values and aspirations, and their greater engagement in policy and strategy debates.

Meanwhile, governments and international and non-governmental organisations will be offered a valuable opportunity to learn more about the intrinsic value of biodiversity and its important links with the promotion of creative industries for trade and development gains.


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