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Eleventh session of the Conference (UNCTAD XI)
13 - 18 June 2004
São Paulo (Brazil)

Key Issues

UNCTAD is fortunate to have the celebration of its fortieth anniversary coincide with its eleventh quadrennial conference, to be held in São Paulo, Brazil, this June. The two events can complement one another, providing renewed impetus to our work.

In the 40 years since UNCTAD was founded, the international environment has been radically transformed by globalization, and the problems experienced by developing countries today require innovative approaches. UNCTAD XI offers the opportunity to address those problems and define the type of national and multilateral measures needed to ensure that integration into the world economy yields real development gains for developing countries. Open trade regimes and financial markets alone are not enough.

The fact is that in many developing countries, conventional, market based policies have not lived up to expectations in terms of promoting sustainable development and poverty reduction. An impressive trade performance in Latin America, for example, has failed to offset the impact of six years of negative per capita growth, and there are 20 million more poor people today than in 1997. Latin America is thus a very appropriate venue for UNCTAD XI, which will explore how to harness the power of trade for development and poverty reduction. Much-needed attention will also be given to the relationship between trade and gender issues and to the potential that lies in the development of creative industries in developing countries.

The conference will in addition look at how to improve the supply capacity of developing countries. Even in those few areas where developing countries have acquired meaningful market access through global trade negotiations, in many cases they cannot take advantage of it because of domestic supply constraints and bottlenecks or because of their dependence on volatile commodity markets. Locally tailored strategies are needed to overcome these shortcomings, as is policy flexibility on international trade rules. Finally, there is a need to strengthen the coherence between national development strategies and global economic processes, so as to ensure gains from trade. Forging the link between trade and development is the central mission of UNCTAD XI.


Rubens Ricupero
Secretary-General of UNCTAD
Geneva, April 2004



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The Secretary-General of UNCTAD presents his compliments to the Governments of States members of UNCTAD and has the honour to refer to General Assembly resolution 57/235, of 20 December 2002, whereby the Assembly welcomed the generous offer made by the Government of Brazil to host the eleventh session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. The Conference will be held from 13 to 18 June 2004 in the premises of the Anhembi Convention Centre, São Paulo, Brazil.

The inaugural ceremony, with the participation, of several Heads of State or Government, will be held at 9 a.m. on Monday, 14 June 2004. It will be followed by a special event. A detailed programme of the day´s events will be circulated at a later date.

The provisional agenda, as approved by the Trade and Development Board at its 949th plenary meeting on 10 October 2003, and annotations are annexed hereto in document TD/391. The organization of work of the Conference will be issued as an addendum to document TD/391.

The first plenary session of the Conference will start at 3 p.m. on Monday, 14 June 2004, and will be immediately followed by a meeting of the Committee of the Whole. The general debate will begin on the afternoon of Monday, 14 June, and statements will be broadcast live on the Internet. In addition to the general statements and the Committee of the Whole, there will be a number of drafting groups, to be established as necessary during the Conference, as well as interactive thematic sessions, scheduled to start on the afternoon of Monday, 14 June 2004.

A number of on- and off-Conference site events, as well as high-level panels and round tables, are being organized. The Conference will also be preceded by a number of events. A detailed programme of events is annexed to this notification.


The attention of the Governments of States members of UNCTAD is drawn to rule 13 of the rules of procedure of the Conference (TD/63/Rev.2), which provides that credentials of their representatives are to be issued either by the Head of State or Government or by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the country concerned and that these credentials, together with the names of alternate representatives and advisers, should be communicated to the Secretary-General of the UNCTAD.

The specialized agencies, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the intergovernmental bodies designated under rule 76 of the rules of procedure of the Trade and Development Board and under rule 80 of the rules of procedure of the Conference, wishing to participate in the deliberations of the Conference, are requested to inform the Secretary-General of UNCTAD of the names of their representatives.

Accredited non-governmental organizations wishing to attend the public meetings of the Conference are requested to inform the Secretary-General of UNCTAD of the names of their representatives.

The attention of participants is drawn to the information for participants in document TD/INF.38, as well as to an information note prepared by the Government of Brazil on accommodation and transportation, which are attached to this notification.

For the purposes of expediting the process of registration and issuance of photo ID security badges, the letter of credentials of representatives, together with a registration form for each participant and two recent passport-size photographs (with the name clearly printed on the reverse side of each photo), should be sent to the secretariat to the address below as early as possible and before 28 May 2004. The registration form can be downloaded from the UNCTAD XI website (www.unctadxi.org). It would also greatly facilitate the process of registration if copies of the abovementioned letter of credentials and registration forms could be faxed to the secretariat in advance. This will ensure inclusion on the provisional list of participants, which will be available at the opening of the Conference, and will enable Conference badges to be prepared in advance.

UNCTAD XI: Accreditation and Registration
Office E-8103
Palais des Nations
CH-1211 Geneva 10
Fax: +41(0)22 917 0056;
E-mail: register@unctad.org

After 28 May 2004, communications should be addressed to:

UNCTAD XI: Accreditation and Registration
Palácio de Convenções do Anhembi
Address: Av. Olavo Fontoura 1209
02012-021 - São Paulo - SP
Fax: +41(0)22 917 0056;
E-mail: register@unctad.org


Rubens Ricupero
Secretary-General of UNCTAD
19 March 2004


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