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Commission on Science and Technology for Development, sixth session
05 - 09 May 2003

Key Issues

The Commission, a subsidiary body of the Economic and Social Council with an overall focus on technology development and capacity-building, has, over the past two years, been examining information and communication technologies (ICTs) as "pervasive" tools with global impact. At the Commission´s sixth session, the debate will include technology transfer, diffusion and capacity-building with regard to ICTs that can enhance the competitiveness of developing countries and transition economies. The Commission will also consider the findings and recommendations of its three panels of experts, which since 2001 have covered the measurement and benchmarking of technology development, the role of foreign direct investment in transferring technology and building national ICT capabilities, and policy options for developing countries.

In addition, the Commission will review progress made since its fifth session in 2001, especially in coordinating work on biotechnology, disseminating information on science and technology, and developing special programmes for science and technology diplomacy, and will draw up recommendations for the future.

Established in 1992 as the coordinator of science and technology activities within the UN system, the Commission provides high-level advice to help guide the work of the United Nations in this field, develop common policies, and agree on appropriate actions. Since July 1993, the UNCTAD secretariat has been responsible for the substantive servicing of the Commission, which as of this year will meet annually.

Current members of the Commission include Algeria, Austria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, China, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Grenada, India, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Jamaica, Jordan, Lesotho, Morocco, Paraguay, the Philippines, Romania, the Russian Federation, Sierra Leone, Slovakia, Spain, Sri Lanka and Sudan.



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The Secretary-General of the United Nations presents his compliments to the Permanent Representative of ... to the United Nations and has the honour to inform him/her that, in accordance with Economic and Social Council decision 2001/234 and resolution 2002/37, the sixth session of the Commission on Science and Technology for Development will be held from 5 to 9 May 2003 at the Palais des Nations, Geneva. The session will open at 10 a.m. on Monday, 5 May 2003.

The provisional agenda and proposed organization of work for the session will be contained in document E/CN.16/2003/1.

The Secretary-General would be grateful if the Permanent Representative would submit to the Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and to the Economic and Social Council secretariat the names of the members of the delegation of His/Her Excellency´s Government who will attend the session.

Travel expenses are paid by the United Nations for one representative of each member participating in the Commission. For issuance of tickets and inquiries on travel entitlements, Mr. Miguel A. Arnabal should be contacted in Geneva: Telephone: 41-22-917-4474; Fax number: 41-22-907-0057/0058; Room number: Villa Bocage 3; e-mail: miguel.arnabal@unctad.org

S. B.
10 March 2003

States Members of the Commission on Science and Technology for Development

Algeria Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Austria Jamaica
Bangladesh Jordan
Belarus Lesotho
Belgium Morocco
Bolivia Paraguay
Brazil Philippines
Cameroon Romania
Chile Russian Federation
China Sierra Leone
Ethiopia Sloviakia
Germany Spain
Ghana Sri Lanka
Grenada Sudan

(States members of UNCTAD that are not members of the Commission may attend the session as observers.)


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