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Science, Technology & Innovation Policy Review: Mauritania
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This Science Technology and Innovation Policy (STIP) Review, prepared at the request of the Government of Mauritania, provides an outline and assessment of the country’s current science, technology and innovation (STI) capabilities, their STI policies and the effectiveness of their national systems of innovation (NSIs) and knowledge systems in improving the productivity of enterprises and national economic performance as well as in helping the country to address various economic, social and environmental challenges.

It seeks to analyse how these have evolved in recent years, to provide an independent evaluation of whether these capabilities and the NSI need to be strengthened, how they might fit into the country’s development strategy, and suggest how policymakers in Mauritania might go about doing this. It also compares the progress made in upgrading these capabilities in relation to progress made in strengthening the other main elements that contribute to promoting economic growth and development in the country.

The Review aims to:

  1. Provide an independent and constructive assessment of STI capabilities and policies and the NSI in Mauritania.

  2. Evaluate the degree progress to date in improving them.

  3. Identify major areas of weakness.

  4. Evaluate the priority that should be placed on remedying them.

  5. Suggest some concrete measures that could contribute to this in light of the country’s specific circumstances.

It also aims to raise awareness in Mauritania and beyond on the potential role of STI capabilities and effective NSI in promoting socio-economic progress in the country by addressing the various economic, social and environmental challenges that the country faces.


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