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Review of Maritime Transport 2009
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Special Chapter: Africa
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UNCTAD´s Review of Maritime Transport has been published annually since 1968. With more than 80% of international trade in goods being carried by sea, and an even higher percentage for the trade of most developing countries, the Review of Maritime Transport is an important source of information for a broad audience. While the main focus of the Review is on maritime transport, it also contains some information on developments in multimodal transport covering land based transport systems. The Review provides some analysis of structural and cyclical changes affecting trade and transport, especially in developing economies as well as an extensive collection of statistical information on maritime transport and related services, including on:

  • Cargo tonnage loaded in world ports

  • Developments in the world merchant fleet

  • Major events affecting sea transport of bulk and containerised trades

  • Indexes and average freight rates for major traffics and routes

  • Port developments

  • Legal and regulatory developments

  • Review of transport developments by geographical region.

The Review of Maritime Transport 2009 covers developments in maritime and other modes of transport as well as major issues occurring over an eighteen month period from January 2008 until the middle of 2009. It also supplements long-term statistical series with new data.


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