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In this issue of the journal, Gaute Ellingsen, Winfried Likumahuwa, Peter Nunnenkamp investigate the relationship between Singapore¡´s outward foreign direct investment and trade in an article titled "Outward FDI by Singapore: a different animal?". In the second article, "Regional integration and foreign direct investment in developing countries", Dirk Willem te Velde and Dirk Bezemer examines the relationship between regional integration and foreign direct investment in developing countries.

The article by Pradeep Kanta Ray and Shams-ur Rahman, titled "Transnational corporations, innovation and inter-firm linkages in India", assesses whether the propensity of foreign affiliates to innovate and to create linkages in host countries is different from that of their local counterparts. In addition, this issue contains two research notes: "Biotechnology foreign direct investment in Singapore" by Alexius A. Pereira and "Foreign investment in a Least Developed Country: the Nepalese experience" by Prema-chandra Athukorala and Kishor Sharma. Finally, Olle Ostensson, John Cassidy and Jo Jakobsen review books on the subject of foreign direct investment and transnational corporations.


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