The global community's ability to harness the powers of globalization has a direct and concrete impact on the world around us, on our opportunities to prosper, and on the opportunities for our children too.

UNCTAD works on range of issues relating to trade, investment, finance and technology. We provide policy and technical support to developing countries, supporting them to access the benefits of a globalized economy more fairly and effectively. We help these countries to grow faster, to create more and better jobs, and to build the necessary resilience to sustain their achievements. In other words, we help pave the roads so that countries can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030. Our work reaches people directly or indirectly. It makes a difference to their daily realities and in the challenges they face. You can meet people here from all around the world whose life has been touched by UNCTAD’s work.



 Impact Stories

 Ugandan e-commerce platforms power recovery from COVID-19 crisis
Partnerships with development agencies and government efforts to boost the digital economy are helping soften the economic blow of the pandemic.
 Cambodia’s digital startups help blunt economic impact of COVID-19
An uptick in business, especially in the delivery of food and essential items, is enhancing resilience in the wake of the crisis.
 BioTrade company in Myanmar shows resilience to COVID-19 shock
A small business making natural products from jujube and tamarind has kept its doors open and workers safe thanks to sustainability principles adopted before the pandemic.
 COVID-19: Senegalese e-payment company shows resilience in a time of crisis
Youma Dieng Fall, co-founder of PayDunya and member of UNCTAD’s eTrade for Women community, shares how the business has adapted to the coronavirus crisis, bouncing back stronger from the shock.
 Torkham border crossing between Afghanistan and Pakistan
Report shows how UNCTAD's automated customs software has helped over 100 countries collect more customs duties, speed up trade and become more open for business.
 Ground-breaking project helps countries green their trade
UNCTAD's green export reviews have helped 10 nations shift trade strategies towards more eco-friendly products.
 Project tackles non-tariff barriers in Africa
With the African Continental Free Trade Area just one ratification away from entry into force, a project gets to work on a new online tool for reporting and resolving trade barriers.
 India shows cotton 'waste' can provide clean energy and income
Cotton industry officials from Africa visit India to see how entrepreneurs are turning unused parts of the crop into renewable energy for businesses and extra income for farmers.
 Business training graduate helps Tanzanian girls stay in school
After completing UNCTAD's entrepreneurship programme, Jennifer Shigoli grew a start-up making reusable sanitary pads for girls who otherwise might miss out on an education.
 Ecuador's fair-trade tea party
Two tea-makers from Ecuador are proving that the right entrepreneurial network and support system can brew social businesses that are ready to export.
 Fair trade tea venture brings flavours of Ecuador to the world
For Ecuadorian entrepreneur Guillermo Jarrin of Tippytea Blends, modern marketing blends with paying growers fairly and protecting native biodiversity.
 Learning to scale fisheries for better livelihoods
Least developed countries are finding out from Viet Nam how fisheries sector opportunities can transform their economies.
 Bolivian river port offers landlocked nation alternative route to sea
Port Jennefer - on the Paraguay-Paraná waterway - is helping Bolivian businesses cut trade costs with access to the Atlantic, says its UNCTAD-trained manager.
 Liza Mamaliga turns Moldovan honey into pots of gold
The young business owner from Todiresti, Moldova, is giving a needed boost to local beekeepers in the landlocked Eastern European country.
 Malaysia seeks productivity gains with UNCTAD tool
By using an UNCTAD database to identify and compile non-tariff measures, Malaysia hopes to reduce the cost of compliance by 25%.
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 Human Interest Stories

Ana Leyva Wong: The ingredients for protecting consumers
09 May 2016


Ana Leyva Wong, originally from the northern city of Piura in Peru, dreamed of being a lawyer since she was a little girl. After the El Niño phenomenon displaced her family when she was 6 years old, they went first to Tumbes and then, in time, to Chiclayo in the region of Lambayeque.

Denis Kibirige: Communication of knowledge key to advancing legal reform
18 April 2016


"My name is Denis Kibirige. I am the seventh of 10 children, and the first to become a lawyer."

Alphonse Wordi: Getting the right people in the right positions - and training them
29 March 2016


The city of Tema, just east of Accra, is home to the largest seaport of Ghana. It was there that at 16, Alphonse Wordi began to work as a casual dock labourer, not expecting the experience to last more than a few months. Forty-two years later, Alphonse is today a human resources manager for the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority. He has seen first-hand the many sides of working at ports in his country.

Beatrice and Mekia: At the forefront of women's economic empowerment in Africa
08 March 2016


How can African countries make the most of trade and regional integration to improve the lives of many thousands of women and their families? That is the question that Beatrice Hamusonde and Mekia Redi confront daily.

Thomas Oloya: "When you employ people, you create peace"
22 February 2016


Growing up, Thomas Oloya knew he wanted to help people through his work.

He was born in 1986 near Gulu, in northern Uganda, one year before the region became centre stage for attacks by the rebels of the Lord's Resistance Army. He lived the horrors of conflict.

"It was a time of turmoil and fear," Thomas says. "I used to sleep with my shoes on, ready to run at any moment." Abducted on three occasions by the rebels, he lost his mother and sister in 2004.

Djoulé Sabi Boum: From distance learning to sharing knowledge
01 February 2016
Djoulé was born in Boukousséra, a small town in the north of Benin. He spent his childhood in the countryside with his seven brothers and sisters. Djoulé remembers there was no drinking water there. "The water you could drink came from the marshes," he says. His parents were cattle breeders who decided to divide their offspring into three groups: the first would take care of the livestock, the second would work in the fields and the third would go to school. He was part of that third group - so he would learn to read and write.
Anielle Guedes: Connecting vision with skills
13 January 2016

What were you doing when you were 22 years old? By that age, Anielle Guedes had already founded her own company and won recognition as a "Top Innovator Under 35" in the Brazilian edition of the MIT Technology Review.

Kelebogile's vocation: Helping her country to modernize and diversify its trade
18 December 2015
Kelebogile Maureen Lekaukau, the second of seven children, grew up with three brothers and three sisters. Their parents were teachers, and so she learned early in life to value knowledge and an education.
When Kelebogile went to university, she earned her bachelor's degree in economics and a master's degree in trade in the United States of America. She knows very well what a challenge it is for trade to drive development in a landlocked country like hers: Botswana.
Korotoumou – a determined woman supporting equality and entrepreneurial development of African women
03 December 2015
Korotoumou is the last of 16 children in a family made up of eight boys and eight girls.
She was born in a town in the north of Côte d'Ivoire where girls have almost no opportunities to go to school as they are meant to care for the home.
Meet Beatrice Ayuru, extending education to impoverished children of her community
09 November 2015


The second of six children, Beatrice Ayuru grew up in Lira, an underserved community in rural Uganda. Her story could have been that of the thousands of excluded and abandoned girls one reads about every day. But she dared to dream and did not let life circumstances hold her back.

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