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The Assistance to the Palestinian People Unit (APPU) was established in 1985, with a specific mandate to monitor and investigate the social and economic impact of policies of the Israeli occupation authorities in the Palestinian territory.

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The establishment of APPU crowned the secretariat´s pioneering work on the Palestinian economy which commenced in 1979 upon the request of member States.This makes UNCTAD the first international organization to systematically examine the Palestinian economy´s multifaceted development predicament.

Drawing on the secretariat´s global mandate, APPU has been actively responding to official requests for technical assistance by Palestinian public and civil society institutions, thereby positioning itself as a focal point for the interrelated treatment of Palestinian trade, finance and economic development.

UNCTAD´s work on the Palestinian economy follows the secretariat´s three main interrelated pillars of activities: Research and analysis, Technical cooperation and Supporting intergovernmental consensus-building in this area of work.



08 September 2020COVID-19 devastates Palestine’s shattered economy
Flag of Palestine
02 December 2019$48 billion is the estimated revenue loss by Palestine from 2000-2017 due to occupation



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In accordance with the relevant resolutions and decisions of the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council, references in this Web site to the Occupied Palestinian Territory (or occupied Palestinian territories) pertain to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

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