Debt Management and Financial Analysis System (DMFAS)
DMFAS_300x94.jpgUNCTAD, through its DMFAS Programme, is firmly established as one of the leading international organizations in the field of debt management capacity-building.
At the crossroads between international and domestic finance, governance and information technology, the Programme helps Governments of developing and transitional economies build their debt management capacities at all levels.
The DMFAS Programme works directly with more than 60 low- and middle-income States, whose economies account for more than $500 billion of outstanding public and public-guaranteed long-term debt, approximately 40 per cent of the total long-term debt of all developing countries.

Objectives of the DMFAS Programme:

  • Help developing countries and countries with economies in transition develop appropriate administrative, institutional and legal structures for effective debt management
  • Provide direct assistance to debt offices with its products and services, including capacity-building
  • Maintain and improve state-of-the-art debt analysis and management systems
  • Provide or serve as a focal point for discussion and exchange of experience about debt management

DMFAS software

The DMFAS Programme has developed a computerized system designed to satisfy three distinct debt management needs:
  • Day-to-day operational needs of the debt manager
  • Statistical requirements of the debt office
  • Analytical needs of the policymaker

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