Creative Economy Report 2010

Creative Economy: A Feasible Development Option

A new development paradigm is emerging that links the economy andculture, embracing economic, cultural, technological and social aspectsof development at both the macro and micro levels. Central to the newparadigm is the fact that creativity, knowledge and access to informationare increasingly recognized as powerful engines driving economicgrowth and promoting development in a globalizing world.

The emerging creative economy has become a leading component ofeconomic growth, employment, trade and innovation, and socialcohesion in most advanced economies. Unfortunately, however, thelarge majority of developing countries are not yet able to harness theircreative capacity for development. This is a reflection of weaknessesboth in domestic policy and in the business environment, and globalsystemic biases. Nevertheless, the creative economy offers to developingcountries a feasible option and new opportunities to leapfrog intoemerging high-growth areas of the world economy.

This report presents an updated perspective of the United Nationsas a whole on this exciting new topic. It provides empirical evidencethat the creative industries are among the most dynamic emerging sectorsin world trade. It also shows that the interface among creativity,culture, economics and technology, as expressed in the ability to createand circulate intellectual capital, has the potential to generateincome, jobs and export earnings while at the same time contributingto social inclusion, cultural diversity and human development. Thisreport addresses the challenge of assessing the creative economy witha view to informed policy-making by outlining the conceptual, institutionaland policy frameworks in which this economy can flourish.