Looking at the trade and gender nexus from a development perspective: A brief overview

Concepts, definitions and analytical frameworks

The document provides a brief overview of the trade and gender nexus, outlining main concepts and key analytical frameworks.

After a short introduction in Chapter1, Chapter 2 defines the characteristics of an economy as a gender structure.

Chapter 3 examines the mutual relationship between trade and gender: first, it explains how trade openness affects women's economic empowerment and gender equality in women's different economic roles as workers, entrepreneurs, and consumers; secondly, it presents the effects of gender inequalities on women's participation in international trade as workers and entrepreneurs, which in turn has an impact on the trade performance and international competitiveness of a country.

Chapter 4 goes on to examine the ways through which gender considerations have been integrated into and/or mainstreamed in trade policy, illustrating the latest trends and methodologies.

Finally, key takeaway points are presented in Chapter 5.