UNCTAD eWeek 2023: Shaping the future of the digital economy

UNCTAD eWeek 2023: Shaping the future of the digital economy
04 - 08 diciembre 2023
The International Conference Center Geneva (CICG)
, Switzerland

Shape the future of the digital economy

#UNCTADeWeek 2023 will be held from 4 to 8 December.

It will take place at the International Conference Centre of Geneva (CICG) and online through the eWeek platform.

You must register to participate in person or online. 

Go to the eWeek platform to register and explore the programme.





UNCTAD eCommerce Week was renamed eWeek to encompass all aspects of the evolving global digital landscape.

Organized with eTrade for all partners and held under the theme "Shaping the future of the digital economy", eWeek 2023 will mobilize global support for a more inclusive and sustainable digital economy. Read the press release.

E-commerce and the data-driven digital economy offer immense opportunities to boost innovation and growth, cut trade barriers and accelerate social and economic development. But digital and data divides are growing and threaten to deepen other inequalities within and between countries.

The expanding digital economy is also raising concerns about privacy and other human rights, environmental sustainability and cybercrime.

Leaders from governments, businesses, international organizations, development banks, academia and civil society, and more than 3,000 other stakeholders from 130 countries will convene to address three key questions:

  • How do we want the future digital economy to look?
  • What’s required to turn this vision into a reality?
  • How can we harness digital partnerships and enhance cooperation to turn digital opportunities into shared development outcomes?

Over 150 high-level and thematic sessions will be held in-person, online and in a hybrid format.

They'll explore key topics including platform governance, the development impact of artificial intelligence (AI), eco-friendly digital practices, empowering women through digital entrepreneurship and accelerating digital readiness in developing countries.

Join eWeek to share your perspective, connect with professionals from across the globe, help shape future digital projects and support global initiatives like the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the UN Global Digital Compact and the UN Secretary-General's “Our Common Agenda”.

Youth consultation

Are you 15 to 24 years old?
Do you want to help shape the future of the digital economy?

Get your voice heard through the online consultation.
Help us build a better digital future for all.





#UNCTADeWeek 2023: Shaping the future of the digital economy

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