Workshop for the preparation of the eT Ready Action Plan of Malawi

08 - 09 febrero 2023
Sunbird Hotel, Lilongwe
, Malawi

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI) of Malawi and UNCTAD are co-organizing a 2-day workshop to hold thematic multi-stakeholder discussions on the development of the eTrade Readiness Action Plan of Malawi.

As part of the UNCTAD Implementation Support Mechanism, following the Malawi Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessment (, UNCTAD is assisting the Government of Malawi in the development of an eTrade Readiness Action Plan that will serve as an operational tool for planning and implementing priority actions arising from the recommendations included in the country’s assessment report.

The event will provide an opportunity to identify priority reforms to be included in the Action Plan, based on the recommendations from the eT Ready report and bilateral discussions held at the end of 2022 with key stakeholders. This event will also present an opportunity to meet development partners working on the digital economy and e-commerce in Malawi to ensure synergies between the Action Plan and other digital-related efforts and to facilitate the mobilization of financial and technical resources for the actions to be included in the Plan.  

The Malawi eTrade Readiness Action Plan project is delivered through the UNCTAD E-commerce and Digital Economy (ECDE) Programme and is supported with funding from the ECDE Core Donors.

UNCTAD and the Ministry of Trade and Industry
Sponsor / funding:
The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland

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