Statistics is an inherent part of UNCTAD. Being the United Nations' focal point for the integrated treatment of trade and development and the interrelated issues in the areas of finance, technology, investment and sustainable development, UNCTAD compiles, validates and processes a wide range of data collected from national and international sources.


In focus


Statistics and SDGs

The UNCTAD Development and Globalization: Facts and Figures 2016 is dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals that were adopted by the United Nations in September 2015 (2030 Agenda Declaration).

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UNCTAD is responsible for dealing with economic and sustainable development issues with a focus on trade, finance, investment and technology. Through these actions, UNCTAD contributes to progress on 52 specific Sustainable Development Goal targets, grouped under 10 of the 17 SDGs.

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Statistics capacity building

UNCTAD, in cooperation with other UN agencies, development banks and international organizations, assists national statistical organizations in developing countries with the collection, compilation and dissemination of their statistics. UNCTAD also pioneers and develops new statistical concepts and methodologies in cooperation with expert stakeholders and member states.

At all times, UNCTAD coordinates technical cooperation activities with donors and other organizations to avoid duplication of work and to encourage complementarity and synergies.


Featured publications


These bulletins are designed to provide regular (monthly, quarterly, annual) overview of the evolution for a selection of topics and indicators.

Other statistical publications

Key Statistics and Trends in Trade Policy: Trade Imbalances 2017
Key Statistics and Trends in International Trade: The Status of World Trade 2017 pdf
Key statistics and trends in trade policy
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Key statistics and trends in international trade
Classic PDF version
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Inter-Agency initiatives

UNCTAD assists national statistical agencies in developing and transition countries in their data collection and dissemination efforts. In cooperation with UN agencies, development banks and other international organisations, such as Eurostat, capacity-building initiatives are carried out in various areas.

There are several common ongoing projects in the area of data quality improvement, statistics dissemination and communication, education:

  • Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities (CCSA)
  • United Nations Statistical Commission
  • Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development
  • Inter-agency Task Force on International Trade Statistics (TFITS)
  • Inter-agency Task Force on Finance Statistics (TFFS)


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Explore UNCTAD statistics in our data centre, compare key indicators from countries all over the world in our Country Profiles and discover a selection of key facts in our infrographic library.

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Handbook of Statistics

The UNCTAD Handbook of Statistics provides users with access to internationally comparable sets of data, in addition to facilitating the work of the UNCTAD secretariat. The Handbook also presents a summary overview of the statistical time series available from UNCTADstat.

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Fact sheets

These fact sheets are designed to provide a short summary overview for a selection of topics or an introduction to a selection of indicators. The topic factsheets are typically taken from the Handbook of Statistics where accompanying tables can be found.



Engaging Civic Statistics: A Call for Action

​Steve MacFeely, Head of Statistics and Information at UNCTAD, presented at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, "Prerequisites to understanding Official Statistics: Some educational implications" in Berlin on 27 & 28 August, 2018.

30 agosto 2018

UNCTAD has taken another important step forward towards modernizing its statistics

UNCTAD has modernized the dissemination and visualization of UNCTAD statistics, launching an electronic version (or eHandbook) to complement the traditional PDF version.

23 abril 2018

Monitoring the implementation of the SDGs: The role of big data

At the 62nd session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62) on Friday, 16 March in New Yorkt the 62nd session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62) on Friday, 16 March in New York, Steve MacFeely spoke about the role of big data.

26 marzo 2018

Digital economy data gap risks widening inequalities, UNCTAD says
According to UNCTAD, those least prepared for the digital economy have less data on which to base policy decisions, threatening to widen the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots".

23 marzo 2018


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