Dr. Gamani Corea (Sri Lanka)
Dr. Gamani Corea

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Mr. Gamani Corea
SECRETARY-GENERAL (April 1974-December 1984)

Mr. Corea attended the University of Ceylon, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University and holds a DPhil degree in Economics from Oxford University. His career at the national level in Sri Lanka includes positions held at the Planning Secretariat, Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs, Bank of Ceylon and Ambassador to the EEC and Benelux countries in 1973.

His extensive career on the international scene began when he worked as a member of a team of experts that helped prepare UNCTAD I. He was Chairman of UNCTAD Expert Groups on International Monetary Issues (1965, 1969) and the independent Chairman of the UN Cocoa Conference in 1972. Mr. Corea was also a member and later Chairman (1972-1974) of the Committee on Development Planning. In April 1974, he was appointed Secretary-General of UNCTAD, a position he held until December 1984.

After leaving UNCTAD, Mr. Corea continued to play an important role on the international scene, particularly in South-South issues. He was Chairman of the Board of the South Centre- an intergovernmental organization of developing countries based in Geneva, Switzerland from 2002 to 2003.

He has authored several books including 'Taming Commodity Markets' which was published by the Manchester University press in 1992.

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