Sources de financement de la coopération technique de la CNUCED

UNCTAD technical cooperation activities are financed from: bilateral funding (including individual governments, UN system and other international organizations, the European Commission and private and public sectors donors); the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP); ) the United Nations programme budget; and One United Nations Pilot Funds and other Multi donor Trust Funds (MDTFs).

In 2013 the overall contributions provided on a voluntary basis by individual governments, multilateral donors, non-governmental organizations, the enterprise sector and foundations (see chart 1) amounted to just over $31.2, a slight decrease of 5 per cent compared with the previous year.

More than 100 bilateral donors and a number of multilateral and other organizations contribute to UNCTAD.

Note: UNCTAD trust fund contributions for 2010 are exclusive of third-party cost-sharing contributions through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
a Exclusive of contributions to the Associate Experts Programme of the United Nations.
b A major part is self-sustained for activities in the countries that made contributions, financed from proceeds of loans or grants from international financial institutions.
c For details, see table 11 of the statistical annex (TD/B/WP/262/Add.2).

Contributions from the UN Regular Budget (section 22 and 34), which are detailed below, are not distributed on a yearly basis but under yearly allotments and are analysed on the basis of yearly expenditures.

Regarding UNDP contributions and contributions from One United Nations Pilot Funds and other Multi donor Trust Funds (MDTFs), amounts received correspond to yearly expenditures (see below) due to the specific rules applying to the disbursement of these funds.

It is to be noted that in the case of contributions to trust funds from bilateral donors, UN system organizations (with the exception of UNDP and MDTF/One UN funds) and other international donors, annual contributions do not correspond to annual expenditures as in many cases contributions are for activities to be carried out over a number of years.

Expenditures and Allocation of technical cooperation resources

Overall expenditures that finance UNCTAD technical cooperation fall under four main categories - trust funds, UNDP, multi donor trust funds (MDTF) and One UN funds and the United Nations regular budget which include (section 22 and 34 and associate experts In 2013, overall expenditures for UNCTAD technical cooperation activities increased by 11.4 per cent as compared to the previous year, reaching $40.4 million, the highest level for the past 10 years.

This is evidence of the key role played by the third pillar of UNCTAD. Trust funds expenditures continue to be the major source of disbursement for UNCTAD technical cooperation, accounting in 2013 for 88.9 per cent of total expenditures for UNCTAD's operational activities.

Note: Totals reflect rounded values (see TD/B/WP/262/Add.2, table 1).


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