Thematic Retreat on Rules of Origin

05 octobre 2019
, Switzerland

UNCTAD delivered a series of presentations and prepared a paper on the direct shipment requirement as an obstacle to utilisation of trade preferences granted to LDCs, and the utilization rates under the China Duty Free and Quota Free (DFQF).

This thematic retreat on rules of origin was held as part of a series of activities organized by UNCTAD to prepare for the WTO Committee on rules of origin meeting held on 17-18 October 2019, under a decade-long program of assistance to the LDCs on rules of origin.

UNCTAD organised several briefings and capacity building activities with the LDC WTO group to make substantive progress on the implementation the Nairobi decision on preferential rules of origin for LDCs.

The content of the UNCTAD  paper has been largely adopted by the LDC WTO group as formal submission to the WTO Committee on rules of origin where it was presented and discussed with preference giving countries and WTO members with a view to improve rules of origin for LDC and improve utilization rates.

Next Steps
UNCTAD will conduct further studies, research and capacity building to support the WTO LDC group on the road to the WTO 12 Ministerial Conference.

Summit Alliance and the LDC WTO Group Coordinator

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Mr. Stefano Inama