European Commission-UNCTAD workshop: Civil society and consumer product safety

17 novembre 2022
14:00 - 17:30 hrs. Charlemange Building, Brussels
Online and in person
, Belgium

The United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection recognize consumers’ right of access to non-hazardous products, the freedom to form consumer and other relevant groups or organizations, and the opportunity of such organizations to present their views in decision-making processes affecting them. 

Following the two joint European Commission-UNCTAD workshops, this edition will look into the role that civil society plays in strengthening consumer product safety. 

The workshop will discuss the participation of consumer organizations and young consumers as follows: 

Consumer organizations on the product safety frontline: Consumer organizations have a great multiplier effect when it comes to product safety. They are a bridge between authorities and consumers.

  • Which best practices can they share?
  • What is their experience working with regulators?
  • How do they see the new horizons of product safety?

Next generation of product safety ambassadors: 2022 is the European Year of Youth and to conclude the week on the new horizons of product safety, we will look at the new generation of product safety ambassadors.

  • What do they see as the most important product safety topics?
  • What is their advice for effective communication with the younger population on product safety issues?
  • What do they think should be looked at in terms of new horizons?

Interpretation from English, French and Spanish will be provided.

This event is organized within the framework of UNCTAD’s Working Group on Consumer Product Safety.

European Commission, UNCTAD
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European Commission

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