We believe good policy drives progress. By providing evidence-based policy analysis, we help countries to improve economic, social and environmental outcomes.

Our research provides authoritative data and analysis on trade, investment, finance and technology. And it offers solutions to the major challenges facing developing countries, particularly the poorest and most vulnerable nations.

Beyond tailored analysis and policy recommendations, our research has also generated global standards that govern responsible sovereign lending and borrowing, investment, entrepreneurship, competition and consumer protection and trade rules.

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Flagship Reports

Trade and Development Report cover  
Trade and Development Report
Download: Trade and Developement Report 2017 
World Investment Report cover  
World Investment Report
Download: World Investment Report 2017 
The Least Developed Countries report cover  
The Least Developed Countries report
Download: The Least Developed Countries Report 2017 
Economic Development in Africa report cover    
Economic Development in Africa report
Download: Economic Development in Africa report 2017 
Review of Maritime Transport cover  
Review of Maritime Transport
Download: Review of Maritime Transport 2017 
Information and Economy Report cover  
Information and Economy Report
Download: Information and Economy Report 2017 
Technology and Innovation Report cover  
Technology and Innovation Report
Download: Technology and Innovation Report 2015 
Commodities and Development Report cover  
Commodities and Development Report
Download: Commodities and Development Report 2017 

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