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Trade, Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development

UNCTAD's work on harnessing international trade in promoting sustained growth and inclusive development includes as a key aspect, support to developing countries in taking advantages of emerging opportunities for trade associated with the protection, promotion and preservation of the environment and sustainable development objectives generally, while minimizing potential adverse impacts. This work is carried out by the Trade, Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Branch of DITC.

Through research and analysis, intergovernmental deliberations and consensus building, and technical assistance, as well as partnerships and networks with an array of stakeholders, the Branch works to strengthen the capacity of developing countries to formulate and implement mutually supportive trade, environment and sustainable development objectives; integrate sustainable development and poverty reduction objectives in development strategies at all levels, including the need to address climate change implications inter alia by promoting climate-friendly trade and production strategies including in green sectors; and support the effective participation of developing countries in international deliberations on trade and environment.

The main areas of intervention include:




01 April 2014Green economy meeting to examine trade remedies in renewable energy goods sector
21 February 2014Trade central to sustainable use of biodiversity-based resources, meeting told
30 January 2014Comprehensive new reports examine impact of "eco-labels"
09 December 20132nd Biotrade Congress to focus on potential of biodiversity products for forest preservation
18 September 2013Take ''mosaic'' approach to agriculture, boost support for small farmers, UNCTAD Report urges
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