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BioTradeBioTrade refers to those activities of collection, production, transformation, and commercialization of goods and services derived from native biodiversity under the criteria of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

BioTrade Initiative

Since its launch by UNCTAD in 1996, the BioTrade Initiative has been promoting sustainable BioTrade in support of the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity. The Initiative has developed a unique portfolio of regional and country programmes.

Since 2003 the BioTrade Initiative has also hosted the BioTrade Facilitation Programme (BTFP) which focuses on enhancing sustainable bio-resources management, product development, value adding processing and marketing.

ditcted-18072017-biotrade-topics-9-240.jpgThe BTFP complements the UNCTAD BioTrade Initiative activities. It is currently in its third phase (BTFP III), with various partners implementing its objectives.​​

The next 20 years: Upscaling BioTrade and the 2030 Agenda

In the past 20 years, BioTrade has expanded in terms of the number of partners and practitioners involved, sectors and geographical coverage. BioTrade has been mainstreamed at both national and international levels, for instance in the Decisions of the Parties to the CBD and CITES, discussions at the United Nations General Assembly, as well as within development banks, the private sector, civil society and markets. A strong network of partners and practitioners has been established and is being expanded continuously to cover evolving needs of beneficiaries, document lessons learned and address relevant emerging issues. Further efforts from BioTrade partners should continue documenting, disseminating and measuring its impact and contribution to sustainable development, SDGs and the Aichi Targets at all levels.



 Meetings and Events

Start DateTitleLocationCountry
12-13 Dec 2006BTFP Regional workshop: Sustainable Trade of Arapaima gigas in the Amazon RegionRio de JaneiroBrazil
14-15 Nov 2006UNCTAD/ MEA Workshop: Biodiversity and the Global Market EconomyGenevaSwitzerland
16-17 Oct 2006BTFP National Value Chain Analysis Workshop for the natural ingredients sector in VietnamHanoiViet Nam
14-15 Sep 2006Informal expert workshop on practical guidelines for equitable sharing of benefits of biological resources in BioTrade activitiesParisFrance
18 Aug 2006Workshop for validating the Amazon Assessment Study for BrazilBelemBrazil
10 Jul 2006BTFP Regional workshop: Discussion on the verification and impact monitoring assessment system for BioTrade activitiesLimaPeru
10 May 2006BioTrade Business Roundtable: Responding to the Convention on Biological Diversity in the food, health and cosmetics industriesGenevaSwitzerland
22-26 Mar 2006BioTrade at COP 8CuritibaBrazil
01 Feb 2006Workshop for validating the Amazon Assessment Study for EcuadorQuitoEcuador
04-06 Dec 2005Workshop on the “International Standard for Sustainable Wild Collection of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants - Results of the field consultations” (ISSC-MAP)Isle of VimGermany
01 Dec 2005Workshop on the revision of the Novel Food Regulation (NFR). Views and experiences regarding traditional foodsBrusselsBelgium
29-30 Nov 2005BioTrade: An Incentive Measure for Sustainable Use and Conservation of Biodiversity" Side event at CBD SBSTTA 11MontrealCanada
28 Nov 2005Consultants Workshop under the Amazon Regional Programme Consultants Workshop under the Amazon Regional ProgrammeLimaPeru
21-22 Nov 2005Technical Workshop: The Use of Geographical Indications and Appellations of Origin to Promote Sustainable Development and BioTradeLimaPeru
13 Jun 2004Developing a Regional BioTrade Programme in the Amazon RegionSao PaoloBrazil
07 Apr 2010UNDP/UNCTAD Informal Brainstorming Session: BioTrade Potential for Growth and Sustainability
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17 October 2017BioTrade businesses become drivers of legal access and benefit sharing in biodiversity-rich countries
Flag of Vietnam
08 September 2017Viet Nam strengthens its partnership with UNCTAD on sustainable use of biodiversity, access and benefit sharing and BioTrade
SDG 14
12 June 2017New Blue BioTrade initiative announced at the UN Ocean Conference
03 December 2016BioTrade is growing exponentially, generating jobs and protecting biodiversity
30 September 2016Illegal trade accelerates wild plant extinctions, more transparency needed
28 September 2016Andean stakeholders discuss options for policy and regulatory reform for a BioTrade friendly implementation of the Nagoya Protocol
23 August 2016Nutmeg revival helps Aceh, Indonesia, recover after years of conflict
Vietnam BioTrade
13 July 2016Vietnam's BioTrade exporters want more transparent trade measures
08 July 2016Viet Nam focuses on Access and Benefit Sharing under BioTrade through developing new regulations for sustainable use of biodiversity
Flag of Loas
08 July 2016Laos government sees bright future for organic farming
Flag of Peru
08 March 2016Helping Peru protect and benefit from its biodiversity
25 November 2015New BioTrade project to promote sustainable trade of products derived from biodiversity
25 November 2015Impact of the Nagoya Protocol for BioTrade business and practitioners
08 October 2015Growing international demand for BioTrade products: opportunities and challenges
CAF Development Bank of Latin America
18 May 2015Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) and UNCTAD formalize partnership
03 March 2015UNCTAD supports Ecuador's campaign to promote key exports in international markets
03 March 2015Ecuador's ratification of the Nagoya Protocol presented to parliamentarian and other stakeholders
17 December 2014Market incentives to address conservation and climate change discussed at Lima conference
16 October 2014Stakeholders identify tools and recommendations for sustainability practices at the III BioTrade Congress in Pyeongchang, Korea
08 October 2014UNCTAD Secretary-General Kituyi hails the entry into force of the Nagoya Protocol to the Convention on Biological Diversity
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