Oceans Economy and Fisheries
ditc-ted-OceansEconomy1.jpgOceans and seas cover over two-thirds of the earth's surface, provide food and minerals, generate oxygen, absorb greenhouse gases and keep climate change in check, determine weather patterns and temperatures, and serve as highways for sea-borne international trade. Oceans and seas can play a major role in contributing to achieving sustainable development, economic growth, and livelihoods.
The oceans economy (also known as the blue economy) is defined as a subset of, and complement to, the evolving development paradigm emphasizing greener and more sustainable and inclusive economic paths. It seeks to expand the economic frontiers of coastal countries beyond their land territories. The Oceans economy encompasses a sustainable economy for the ocean-based marine environment, related biodiversity, ecosystems, species and genetic resources including marine living organisms (from fish and algae to micro-organisms) and natural resources in the seabed, while ensuring their sustainable use and hence, conservation. The value of the global ocean-based economy is estimated between USD 3-6 trillion/year and more than 3 billion people rely on the oceans for their livelihoods.
UNCTAD is supporting developing countries to identify the opportunities and challenges that the oceans economy can bring. It also supports national trade and other competent authorities to design and create an enabling policy and regulatory environment that promotes the development and emergence of sustainable oceans economic sectors through the definition and implementation of national and regional oceans economy and trade strategies.

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Goal 14
19 December 2017Experts look beyond WTO setback as time runs out to roll back harmful fishing subsidies
29 September 2017Time is running out to find a solution to overfishing, UNCTAD warns
21 September 2017UNCTAD and the Commonwealth sign cooperation agreement
Goal 14
24 August 2017Fishery exports and Least Developed Countries
SDG 14
12 June 2017New Blue BioTrade initiative announced at the UN Ocean Conference
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