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First National Workshop on Ecuador's National Green Export Policy Review
10 - 11 June 2014
Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar
Quito, Ecuador

Key Issues


About 48 participants  attended the first workshop including government officials, academia, the private sector, and NGOS. The workshop was organised into one general session, one session on market trends and five product specific sessions.


The opening remarks were introduced by Mr. Marco Flores, Director of International organisations at the MCE, who reiterated the importance of changing the productive matrix of Ecuador, especially towards greener products and processes. The general session presented UNCTAD's green product space methodology and the results of the Ecuador's baseline study for selected product/product groups.

The preliminary findings of the baseline study were considered as very useful and enlightening. The market trends session introduced main changes in consumption and marketing patterns, especially in developed country markets. These patterns have been influenced by health, environmental and social considerations.



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Co-organized with:Ministry of Foreign Trade of Ecuador (MCE-Ecuador)
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