Statement of the youth action hubs on the crisis in the Amazon

29 agosto 2019

Youth action hubs, as networks of socially responsible youth, express concern over the slow response to the current crisis in the Amazon.

We, the youth, denounce the lack of rapid action in the face of many days of constant and ferocious fires in the Amazon rainforest.

The fires have caused grave harm to more than 500,000 hectares of the “lung of the Earth”, including a large percentage of irreplaceable endemic species of flora and fauna.

The Amazon, which produces more than 20% of the planet’s oxygen, contains more than 5,500 unique species and more than 40,000 unique plant types. Additionally, the Amazon serves as a principal barrier against climate change.

The crisis in the Amazon will have repercussions for up to 150 years due to the slow regeneration of forests. We therefore call on the youth everywhere in the world to stand up for the forests, animals, and foliage that are being destroyed in the Amazon, for the health of our planet now and in the future.

We call for immediate action, not only to save the Amazon but the environment as well. We the youth have the power to preserve our planet for the current and future generations. We have the energy to mobilize our society and translate our ideas into bold actions for a better world. We have a responsibility to make things happen. We cannot wait for the worst to happen on our watch.

Fires in the Amazon
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Therefore, join us and let’s spread this message together for a better world.

*The views expressed in this statement are those of the Youth Action Hub network and do not necessarily represent those of UNCTAD.