CSTD side event: Technology assessment in Africa

20 mayo 2021
16:30 - 17:30 hrs.

In today’s global science, technology and innovation (STI) ecosystem, countries are exposed to a large and growing body of scientific knowledge and related technological innovations that may impact society. The information that technology assessment (TA) provides on the introduction of new technologies, can play a unique role in the formulation of policy and practice that caters to the experiences, social norms and attitudes of societies. In this context, the need to enhance TA capacities to make appropriate technology choices has intensified as countries seek to make progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and respond to global and local challenges like COVID-19. Only a few countries in the world have consolidated capacities for TA in place, and it is often not being conducted in developing countries owing to a lack of capabilities and institutions.

A new UNCTAD project on technology assessment will support STI policymakers and other stakeholders in selected African countries to design and implement a technology assessment exercise in the energy and/or agricultural sectors. The panellists in this session will discuss some of the opportunities and challenges for building capacity for TA on the African continent. A multistakeholder approach will be a critical component of this process and as such, governments, private sector, civil society, and other institutional actors should proactively step in to help strengthen TA capacity in Africa.

The event targets CSTD member States, participants of the twenty-fourth CSTD annual session, and various stakeholders in STI policy and technology assessment. The event is open for the public.

Moderator: Shamika N. Sirimanne, Director, Division on Technology and Logistics, UNCTAD


  • John Ouma Mugabe, Professor at Graduate School for Technology Management, University of Pretoria
  • Anastasios Pouris, Director, Institute for Technological Innovation, University of Pretoria
  • Neth Dano, Coordinator and Asia Director ETC Group, the Philippines
  • Alfred Watkins, Chairman, Global Solutions Summit
  • Miltos Ladikas, Scientific Staff, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


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