Chinese bamboo for construction in Cameroon: A value chain analysis

The objective of this study is to examine the bamboo sector in Cameroon in order to identify and analyse the potential for a bamboo housing value chain.  To achieve this objective, the existing bamboo value chains are identified and analysed while highlighting the opportunities and challenges.

Through the different possible uses of bamboo and with a focus on its use in construction activities, the study proposes a value chain analysis and identifies markets with high development potential for this product.

The specific objectives of this study are as follows:

  1. Identify the current uses of bamboo in Cameroon and their value chains, and then examine specific opportunities and bottlenecks.
  1. Propose a value chain in the housing sector in Cameroon by identifying the actors and their different roles, and then discuss the impacts of each stage in the value creation.
  1. Examine the value chain for bamboo in housing and identify opportunities and constraints.
  1. Recommend institutional and infrastructural strategies that may promote the beneficial effects of the exploitation and use of Chinese bamboo in Cameroon.

The paper includes a detailed description of the bamboo resource base and emerging activities in Cameroon.

The discussion then turns to the existing bamboo value chains, and the opportunities and challenges within these value chains, with a focus on the value chain for bamboo used in housing.

A proposed bamboo housing value chain that encompasses the potential for housing sector development in urban and rural areas, potential market demand and economic impacts, as well as sustainability, institutional and infrastructural strategies for a sustainable bamboo housing sector are also presented.




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