UNCTAD work in building resilience in least developed countries

From inequality and vulnerability to prosperity for all

Since advocating for the creation of the category of the least developed countries (LDCs) five decades ago, UNCTAD has been at the forefront of LDC development policy.

Today, UNCTAD leads the analysis and search for practical national solutions for LDCs, rallying the international community to provide strengthened and appropriate support at the global level.

This report proposes a pivotal agenda for the 2022-2031 decade for LDCs, a crucial time period that is flanked on one end by the COVID-19 pandemic and on the other by the culmination of the 2030 Agenda.

Centered on building productive capacities for their programme of action, this report embodies UNCTAD’s unique expertise and continued commitment to help LDCs transition to a more inclusive, prosperous and sustainable future for both their citizens and the global community.


Rebeca Grynspan
Secretary-General of UNCTAD

Extract from The Least Developed Countries Report 2021