Webinar for Paraguay on the Global System of Trade Preferences (GSTP) among developing countries

Webinar for Paraguay on the Global System of Trade Preferences (GSTP) among developing countries
20 abril 2023
16:00 - 18:00 hrs. CEST. (10-12 a.m. Asuncion time)


The Global System of Trade Preferences among Developing Countries (GSTP) is the only interregional agreement for preferential South-South trade liberalization that is legally covered under the Enabling Clause of the WTO. Established in 1989, the GSTP offers a unique partnership framework for South-South trade cooperation. The value of GSTP has been underutilized, however, owing to the impasse in the ratification of the São Paulo Round results concluded in 2010.

On 23 January 2023, Brazil deposited to UNCTAD its instrument of acceptance of the São Paulo Round Protocol. Brazil’s ratification opened a fresh window of opportunity creating a much-needed forward movement. Paraguay’s ratification, if materialized, will complete Mercosur’s ratification as a group, and will bring the São Paulo Round results into force.


The online briefing session is aimed at informing the Government of Paraguay of the status of the GSTP, especially the results of the São Paulo Round results for its consideration and subsequent ratification.


1. Welcome remarks by

  • Ms. Miho Shirotori, Acting Director, Division on International Trade and Commodities (DITC)
  • Ms. Chantal Line Carpentier, Chief, UNCTAD New York Office of the Secretary General

2. Presentations

a) GSTP – Background and the state of play 
                 - Origin of the GSTP
                 - The GSTP Agreement
                   1. Main obligations 
                   2. Flexibilities 
                - Functioning of the treaty and governance bodies
                - Status of São Paulo Round Protocol
                - Recent developments

b) Results of the São Paulo Round
                 - Tariff commitments 
                 - Trade implications

c) The way forward – A new GSTP round for food security and the environment

3. Discussion

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Mr. Taisuke Ito, GSTP Focal Point, DITC, UNCTAD (

Mr. David Jose Vivas Eugui, Chief of Section, Trade, Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Branch, DITC, UNCTAD (