Launch of the Trade and Development Report 2023

Launch of the Trade and Development Report 2023
04 octubre 2023

UNCTAD's annual Trade and Development Report provides comprehensive and authoritative analysis of economic trends and policy issues of international concern. It offers recommendations for building a global economy that ensures better future for all people and the planet.

Past reports have looked at economic and social damage caused by financial crises, growing debt, stagnant wages and environmental degradation.

The report series is intended for economists, policymakers, academics and all those involved in economic and trade research and analysis.

The Trade and Development Report 2023, identifies key trends in global macroeconomic dynamics as most pressuring concerns for developing countries and new sources of potential systemic instability.

Recent and ongoing crises, including policy-driven tensions, show that multilateral solutions to development challenges necessarily rely on a functioning international financial system.

The focus of the report is on earlier proposals for the reform of the international financial architecture and ways are examined to address systemic reforms to the global debt architecture; regulatory responses to instability in commodity markets; and measures to scale up financial resources to align development and growth with the climate crisis.



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In this episode of The Weekly Tradecast, we’re looking at the UN’s Trade and Development Report 2023 with Richard Kozul-Wright, director of UNCTAD’s globalization and development strategies division.