We support countries to ensure sound macroeconomic management drives efforts to deliver on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

We are a member of The United Nations Economist Network and contribute to its research and analysis.

Trade and Development Report


This annual report provides comprehensive and authoritative analysis of economic trends and policy issues of international concern. It offers recommendations for building a global economy that ensures better future for all people and the planet.

Past reports have looked at economic and social damage caused by financial crises, growing debt, stagnant wages and environmental degradation.

The series is intended for economists, policy makers, academics and all those involved in economic and trade research and analysis.



UN report on trade and development

UN Report and Trade and Development

Every year, UNCTAD prepares the United Nations Secretary-General´s report on international trade and development submitted to the UN General Assembly.

The annual report analyzes the key trends in global production and consumption and the effects on social and economic development prospects for different regions and countries.

It also assesses the main evolutions in trade policies and proposes strategies to improve the multilateral trading system to ensure it offers fair opportunities for all.


World Economic Situation and Prospects


Jointly produced by DESA, UNCTAD and the five UN Regional Commissions, the publication provides an overview of recent global economic performance and short-term prospects for the world economy and of some key global economic policy and development issues.