Statistics and data

We work to ensure the numbers add up to inform and improve policy recommendations

Reliable statistics are indispensable for the analysis of international trade, investment and development and the formulation of effective policies to foster inclusive and sustainable social and economic development.

To ensure the impartiality and high quality of UNCTAD's statistics, we apply rigorously:



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Counting the costs of achieving the Global Goals

Counting the costs of achieving the Global Goals

New data and UNCTAD analysis show how much developing countries need to accelerate progress towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.



Fact sheets

These fact sheets are designed to provide a short summary overview for a selection of topics or an introduction to a selection of indicators. The topic factsheets are typically taken from the Handbook of Statistics 2023 where accompanying tables can be found.

International merchandise trade
International trade in services
Economic trends
Maritime transport

Statistical guidelines

In a world of growing crises and uncertainty, high-quality and reliable statistics are all the more important, underpinning the work of international organizations – such as UNCTAD – as a credible source of policy advice and research data. Achieving and maintaining public trust in official statistics requires that statistics are produced in an objective, transparent and professionally independent manner.