Statistics Quality Assurance Framework

Produce and disseminate the best quality statistics possible

This document presents the UNCTAD Statistics Quality Assurance Framework (SQAF). UNCTAD aspires to produce and disseminate the best quality statistics possible. To that end, the SQAF will play an important role in helping to maintain and improve quality standards.

This SQAF addresses three areas of quality: institutional; output; and process. The framework is accompanied by definitions, guidelines and a quality assessment checklist. It is envisaged that a quality self-assessment, including production processes, supporting metadata and infrastructure, will be conducted by all units responsible for compilation and dissemination of UNCTAD statistics every three years. These self-assessments will be conducted under the authority of the Secretary-General and coordinated by the Deputy Secretary-General who chairs the UNCTAD Statistics Coordination Task Force. The results of these self-assessment will inform statistical quality improvement plans.

All statistics compiled by UNCTAD and published on UNCTADstat or on the UNCTAD website should be considered official international statistics, unless clearly stated otherwise. UNCTAD statistics are compiled and disseminated in accordance with the Principles Governing International Statistical Activities published by the Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities (2014).



Statistics and data
Statistics and data