Evaluation at UNCTAD

The UNCTAD Evaluation and Monitoring Unit coordinates the oversight activities within the organization that serve to both ensure and enhance the quality and resonance of its programmes and projects.

The main activities of the unit to cover this mandate include:

  • Managing, conducting and supporting the evaluation activities of UNCTAD.

  • Participating and contributing to inter-agency initiatives on evaluation, such as setting up evaluation standards or evaluation guidance materials.

  • Providing guidance and assistance to programme managers in using results-based management methodologies, in particular providing input into the definition of results frameworks and in the preparation of programme performance reports.

  • Participating in the review of new project proposals with a view to ensuring the evaluability of each project's logical framework, as a member of the Project Review Committee and through the clearance of project documents.

  • Contributing to developing capacity for self-evaluations.

  • Acting as the focal point for UNCTAD on all evaluation matters, in particular, external evaluations conducted by OIOS.

Critical documents impacting our evaluation activities include:


Evaluation at UNCTAD

Consultancy opportunities

The Evaluation and Monitoring Unit welcomes suitably qualified professional evaluators to submit their résumés for consideration for forthcoming consultancy opportunities with us.

Please submit your application by e-mail to: