Online Training

UNCTAD offers various online courses on Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs) as well as face to face training tailored to different audience including government officials, researchers, traders, and the public in general.

Government officials could benefit from executive courses where we highlight the need of identifying regulations containing NTMs which are essential for lawmaking and negotiations, and how UNCTAD could support governments in various activities related to NTMs such as enhancing transparency, building a comprehensive database, and technical support. Researchers might build deep analysis of NTMs and their impacts on trade in particular regions/sectors based on the knowledge from our executive course or analysis course on NTMs.

Traders are provided with practical knowledge on the requirements they should face when exporting/importing from certain markets, as well as a comprehensive list of sources where they could check those requirements in more detail.


UNCTAD’s online courses on NTMs cover four main topics:

  1. NTMs and Data collection, aiming at increasing the understanding of the International Classification of NTMs and the collection of NTM data.
  2. Economic Analysis of NTMs, aiming at providing participants with the empirical tools needed to assess the impact of NTMs on trade and welfare and focusing on the manipulation of data and the use of econometric tools.
  3. Introductory course on NTMs, an easy, concise but comprehensive introductory course, serving as a starting point of obtaining knowledge of NTMs as well as an overview of UNCTAD’s work on the topic.
  4. Tailor-made courses on NTMs and related topics exclusively offered on demands from governments in various countries such as Eswatini, Kenya, or Vietnam.

In 2020, UNCTAD has offered two introductory online courses on NTMs and their relevance to the coronavirus pandemic 2019 with the aim of providing knowledge and suggesting policy coordination and action plans from governments in order to tackle the pandemic and recover the global economy.

Since 2014, UNCTAD has offered annual online courses on NTMs and certified almost 500 graduates from over 100 countries.

UNCTAD’s experts on NTMs have organized face-to-face training for governments worldwide in various projects. In recent years, we have provided training to government officials in the Pacific islands, countries in the African Continental Free Trade Area, ASEAN bloc.